Meet The Team


Owner, Master Colorist

Ruby B.

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Your number one expert for all your beauty related needs.  Whether you’re looking for some insight on the latest beauty trends or simply want to learn more about our services, get a thorough hair analysis with Ruby and learn about what products and services would suit you best.


Pearl Stylist & Bridal Stylist

Lisa W.

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I have a passion for making people look and feel their absolute best.  I love working with ALL hair types to give you the bouncy blowout you love,  matched with healthy strong hair.  Your go-to Bridal Stylist.


Lash Designer

Nyema C.

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My strong attention to details allows me to create a range of lash styles, from classic to voluminous.  I take careful time to assess your eye features to best accentuate your face.


Emerald Stylist & Brow Designer

Sierra J.

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With a love for color and creating eye catching styles; a young, fun, and easy going stylist that enjoys making someone feel as beautiful as they should.   I wouldn't trade this career path for any other one; it isn't just a career, its my dream!  Known for my gentle approach to hair and crisp clean brows.


Master Esthetician

Tanisha L.

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I take great pleasure in all things beauty, while using my mastery skills to enhance my clients natural beauty.  There's no better feeling than when my clients look and feel amazing. Providing facials, waxing, and lashes.